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Word by word

I like to write fast and I like to write a lot.
Some homeworks were solved using 40 pages ...

Do you understand me ?

The majority of my papers is written in German - just like Goethe and Schiller used to do it !
BTW: Your computer must be able to speak PDF.
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Patent Pending: Context-Sensitive Region Tracking Using Automatic Mask Creation

abstract I transferred all rights to  Brainlab AG.
written by Dr. Kajetan Berlinger, Stephan Brumme
published in (still pending)
download (not availabled)

Bachelorprojekt: Mobilfunk-Wellenausbreitung in einem Stadtmodell

abstract Geryon is a simulation tool that visualizes the wave propagation of mobile phones in urban regions. Based on the Walfish-Ikegami model, it provides a 3D environment running at interactive rates.
The program has been written in cooperation with  T-Mobile, Germany's leading mobile phone service provider.
written by Stephan Brumme, Stephan Kirsch, Haik Lorenz
published in Bachelorprojekte 2002/2003 at the  HPI, March 2003
download  German version available

Komponentenbasiertes Raytracing in einer .NET-Umgebung

abstract We developed a raytracer in C# that is able to render an image using multiple computers connected via a network. The underlying principles, such as web services, XML and component configuration at runtime represent state-of-the-art technologies of the Microsoft .NET framework.
written by Thomas Adam, Stephan Brumme, Daniel Gülzow, Steffen Heinrich and Kolja Schötzau
published in proceedings of the lecture "Components and middleware" at the  HPI, September 2002
download  German version available
 slides of the presentation we held
 binary and  source code


abstract This article presents a method to make the Microsoft Windows™ Autorun feature available to all files (not only executables). An in-depth description of the PE file format shows how to reduce the size of the compiled loader to only 3584 bytes (without compression). Source code is written in C and requires the Win32-API.
written by Stephan Brumme
published in  PC Magazin, issue 08/2002, pp. 156-159
download  German version available
Please respect the enclosed copyright notes.

Bildbasiertes CSG

abstract The paper presents the Goldfeather algorithm, an image-based approach for realtime visualisation of Constructive Solid Geometry. The discussion covers data structures, techniques and optimizations. An overview of the OpenGL version (by Tim F. Wiegand) and the Layered Goldfeather algorithm (by Nigel Stewart) is given, too.
written by Stephan Brumme
published in  proceedings of the computer graphics seminar at the  HPI, June 2002
download  German version available,
 slides of the presentation I held

Effektiv C++ programmieren

abstract Based on ideas of the book "Effective C++" by Scott Meyers, I discuss common pitfalls of the C++ programming language. The main topics are class design and language keywords.
written by Stephan Brumme
published in  proceedings of the Bachelor project preparation seminar at the  HPI, June 2002
download  German version available,
 slides of the presentation I held
 source code

Persistente Verwaltung der Daten einer Dokumentenmappe

abstract The paper describes the architecture and the development of a bank account managing software. I mainly focus on a clear and simple class design in C++. The graphical user interface is based on the Microsoft Foundation Classes and therefore restricted to Microsoft Windows.
written by Stephan Brumme
published in Projects of the lecture "Softwarebauelemente II",
August 2001
download  German version available

Als die Bilder laufen lernten

abstract My first published paper describes the FLI which is a video file format developed for MS-DOS. Because it does not carry any sound information it is lossless, easy and very fast. I used Pascal and Assembler - a 286 (16 MHz) is sufficient.
written by Stephan Brumme
published in  PC Intern, December 1995
download  German version available
Please respect the enclosed copyright notes.
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